Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happy Monday - here are some cute kitties to cheer you up!

Optional 100 meter row x 2.  Get in two 100m rows or this week, make a note of your pace.  Start with one or two easy 250 meters pieces and try to leave some energy to sprint the last 25 meters. Make up the row on Saturday or Sunday if you miss it. 

Hit that mobility this week!

erg technique -- pick drill, reverse pick, power start


With a partner alternate for 10 minutes

1 min on 1 min off max effort Row

*Total Distance

Death By Burpee and kettlebell!

Odd minutes:Burpees

Even: kettlebell swing

Complete 1 rep minute 1, 2 on minute 2..10 on minute 10..etc

*Loading Rx'd Men 24+ kg/Women 20-16 kg.
**Advanced athletes - for every round under 18 complete 20 evil wheels.

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