Friday, February 22, 2013


The correct way to set up the bench press.

Some bad news.  Read it all...  it's all bad.  Sniff, it's like loosing a dependable friend.  (I hope you are not that addicted!)

"First, a recent study of trained athletes tested what would happen during an exhaustive exercise trial if the athletes took 400 mg of ibuprofen—that’s two capsules of the standard 200 mg ibuprofen dose, so it’s not that much. Results showed there was significant evidence of intestinal injury after the exercise trial on ibuprofen. There was also loss of gut barrier integrity [LEAKY GUT], which increases risk of infection." Charles Poliquin

Come on in for a fun longer WOD and some skill work Saturday at 9 am.  Hint -- bench mark WOD.

At 10:15, it will be time for a free introduction class.  Curious about this CrossFit thing?  Come in and try it out.  Suitable for total beginners or people with some experience.

Open gym Sunday, 2-4 pm.

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