Sunday, March 10, 2013


Please do your coach the courtesy of reserving class.  Most athletes are working with our system - and we thank you - the rest of you can do it, too.  It makes our jobs go smoothly so we can concentrate on coaching you.

Plus, there isn't much sadder than waking up in the dark, rushing to get clean and fed to go teach class, and then having an empty gym!  With a reserve system, she'll know in advance when to stay home.

On a related note, there seems to be plenty of room in the Tuesday and Thursday early morning classes!  This is a good time to get some personal attention and one-on-one coaching.

Press 5 rm

(Squat tomorrow)

handstand skill work with kip
3 x max reps

10 ---> 1   thrusters at 95/65
1 ----> 10 chest to bar pull-ups

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