Friday, June 14, 2013


Next week will be the last free trial class until July!  (Both the 9 am class and the 10:15 class Saturday the 29th will be cancelled.) 

We are having a barbell lifting seminar from powerlifter Chris Riley of 70's Big all day Saturday the 29th.  Email James or Chris or participate.

 We had a great time with the secret surprise WOD!   The partners worked together very well,  cheering each other on and learning how to get in and out of the rower super-fast.

Saturday at 9 am we will have another surprise WOD.   Sara is  still out,  so I will be coaching.   Class may be a little easier than usual, eh, maybe not.

At 10:15, new students are welcome to try a class for free.   We will do some warming up,  some skill work,  and a WOD which shouldn't leave you TOO sore!
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