Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Those were some fun kettlebell snatches.  Remember, you always have the option to do dumbbell snatches instead if your technique is not yet solid.  Here is a great video about how to not tear your hands up while snatching.  Steve Cotter is an amazing athlete and a very popular kettlebell coach - he has great advice.  I don't put the thumb on top of the handle like he does, but I might try that now.

Group warm-up with 10 minutes active mobility work
Three sets max reps supine ring pull-ups - feet on the box, horizontal body, is Rx'd.  

Remember the renegade row?  Your old friend... eh... enemy... eh... nemesis...
5 rounds
8 dumbbell step-ups (each leg) heavy
16 v-ups
8 Renegade rows (each arm, same dbs as step-ups)

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