Wednesday, August 7, 2013


New sports!   I went out to appreciate some skill at the county fair - actually totally free aside from the lure of gluten-free buns and pastured meat nearby.  We also admired adorable Jersey cows, funny goats, silky chickens, and stubborn pigs, etc.  It's a fun outing and seems like a well-kept secret.

Mark Sisson on beer and overthinking.  '“No test effectively (and definitively) determines gluten content in beer.”'

Extra mobility/mashing

DL 5rm
Be smart.

1 min Bar over Burpees
6 min AMRAP of: 
     5 DL
     5 FS
     5 Shoulder to overhead 
1 min Bar over burpees

This is an eight minute WOD.
No transition time.
Weight - one bar, 
heavy OH but comfortable 
Total score is total reps of everything.

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