Sunday, September 15, 2013

Clean up time

No class today! (Monday)
However,  we could use some volunteers!   We got the worst of the thick mud out. Monday we will be pressure washing every mat on both sides and cleaning up the floor.   And moving everything back and forth and back and forth.
I'll be there at ten am.  James at six am.  We are both planning to come back in the evening for more cleanup and more moving of heavy things.

Here is a funny commentary on those fitspiration posters/advertisements.


Coach Vanessa said...

From the top:
Lifting shoes are safe and sound. The rowers are safe, too.
Fish found in the gym during clean up.
Drip buckets?
Notebooks OK.
Hmm, I didn't get photos of my helpful helpers. Thanks Bill K, Russell, Angela, Kaitlyn, Amy, David Pinter, Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

If we can make it in to help to clean up, what would be the best route to drive there? It looks like most roads in that area are still closed?