Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Please remember to reserve class.  This adaptive web app (here) will make it easy.  I really appreciate all of you who make the effort!

Today's class was super fun.  With some smaller class numbers we were able to make up some missed lifts and work on shoulder/ groin mobility for the Overhead Squat.  Get in to the gym and get your groove on;  we will be doing another series of bench marks soon and you can see how you are doing.

EMOTM 10 minutes perform 2 Power Cleans and 1 Clean Start at 70% and add weight each round if possible
4 rounds of 3 minutes of work with 1 minute rest
3 Deadlifts (255-225, 155-135)
6 Burpees
12 Double Unders (If DUs are easy for you, complete 21 per round)
*Score Total Rounds Completed

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