Tuesday, November 5, 2013


There is indeed a nine thirty class today and a noon.  Come on in!

We have some cool new stuff: new racks that won't eat your fingers, new bumpers to fill your bar, a few new bars to take for a spin, a varity of slam balls to heave, and a few more benches for Friday bench fest. And a place to get those bumpers off the floor coming soon!  

Rowing drills
200m row X6

5-1 Wall Walks
5-1 Muscle ups (Bar or Rings depending on skill)
200 m row each round

So first round, 5 ww, 5 mu, and one row.
Second round, 4 ww, 4 mu, and one row.

Sub one chest to bar pull-up and one deep dip for each muscle up.

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