Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Tristan getting ready to ruck.

More great 1 rep maxes!  I think the prize for best 1 rm max front squat goes to Pedro, for squatting about 60 pounds more than he thought possible, and then fighting to keep his feet with a heroic effort that elicited cheers and amazement.  A visitor this week remarked how fabulous the group dynamic here is - people cheering each other on, people talking and laughing, people encouraging each other.  CrossFit gyms world-wide are amazing places!

Now I want you to encourage each other to think about your goals.  There will soon be a spot on the board to write a measurable goal with a date - something like "5 strict pull-ups by March."  There might be a Burpee penalty if you don't write one down! VP

Broad jump at the CrossFit Games

1 rm broad jump

OTM 10
2 reps heavy power clean
3 reps tall box jump

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Keith Senkow said...

VP I like the burped penalty for not writing a goal I might have to suggest that to the pittsburgh coaches :-)