Monday, January 23, 2017


Look at all these great butter, almond, and coconut creamers, and then the Coffee Blocks are instant buttered coffee!

2-4 strict pull-ups plus 10 second hold
5 each side Turkish get-up
20 Lateral banded steps each direction

2-3 snatch balances (or OHS if you are still getting the hang of things)
Work up, last couple sets may be singles if heavy

Deadlift 225/185 pounds
Handstand push-ups

Scale weight and sub for HSPU if needed, also you may do 15-12-9.
Great article on scaling this and other benchmark workouts at Breaking Muscle.  Use 70% or less of your deadlift 1 rm; if you can't do 20 unbroken handstand pushups do ring push-ups.

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