Saturday, February 11, 2017


We are starting a new OnRamp next week!  This one will be at 7 am Tuesday and Thursday plus optional Saturdays at 8 am for 5-6 weeks.  This is a great time to start your journey in CrossFit or get back on track.

Plus... we have a new class at 4:30 pm on Tuesday.  Perfect for teachers and anyone else who finishes work early.  Fill this class up and we will add more at 4:30 pm.

CrossFit Open is starting up on the 25th.  We will be doing the Open Workouts in class on Fridays and moving Bench Press to Thursdays for the five weeks of the Open..

5 rounds
12 Back squats or front squats, work up
30 double-unders

4 rounds or until cutoff
40 sit-ups
20 lunges with 45/25 plate overhead
4-6 strict pull-ups   Rx+ chest to bar

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