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* On-Ramp Beginners Class  $200 for four weeks.
The best way to prepare for CrossFit is to start doing it. This class is for the generally active, injury free person.   The workouts will gradually increase in difficulty and intensity.   In these classes we hammer technique, build strength, and do some conditioning with a WOD or Workout Of the Day.  We will scale these workouts so that you can be successful.  You will receive coaching on nutritional basics, barbell lifts (like squat and clean), kettlebell moves, rowing skills, basic bodyweight movements like the handstand and much more.  You will get intense coaching in a small group environment.  Please note attendance in this class is important as it enables you to learn in a controlled environment -- practice skills, improve your conditioning, and build up to the volume of training in regular WOD classes.

Classes vary, so check the schedule, but we usually have evening and lunch times with mornings available on request.  You must attend at least 10 classes to graduate beginners class but you may also take it several times. You may make up or test out of missed classes with private training, but there are no refunds after class has started.

* Private training  $50 a session.  
Have some particular skills you'd like to work on?  Just interested in training the heavy barbell lifts?  On-Ramp Beginners class seems to hard or too easy?  Then this option is right for you.

* Monthly memberships
After On-Ramp athletes may join the gym and really get started on building fitness; sign up with a credit card for automatic withdrawal every month. There is no initiation fee or penalty for canceling.   Please note: cancellation requests received after the the 25th of the month (ex. received Feb 28) will be applied to the next following month (auto pay will stop effective April 1).

  * Unlimited     $150 a month.  You must have completed an On-Ramp Beginners Class or have CrossFitting experience, and get instructor approval from a coach to sign up.
  * Three times a week   $135 a month.
  * Two times a week     $120 a month.

  * Visiting CrossFitters    $20 a class, or $120 for 8. You may reserve class online by buying a drop-in pass. However, athletes are required to have graduated from an On-Ramp or Beginners Class, or have equivalent CrossFit experience.  This is about your safety in a busy class!  You need to know how to clean or kettlebell snatch or whatever is called for that day - safely - and how to scale the WOD sensibly without giving yourself rhabdo.  If you say you are a veteran CrossFitter we will expect you to be able to dump a squat safely or drop a missed snatch in either direction.  We don't mind reminding you which lift is which but we don't want you to get hurt.

There is a serious discount on the unlimited membership ($100 a month) for firefighters, police, and full-time teachers (in a school district) and students.  You must have a current ID at sign-up, just show it to Vanessa when you get start your membership started.  There is no discount for On-Ramp due to the coaching intensive nature of this class.  Spouses of current members may join at $100 (not including On-Ramp Beginners Class.

We have a referral program!  The greatest compliment you can give us is to share us with your friends.  When a current member has a friend graduate from On-Ramp and begin membership with us, both members will receive a $25 credit toward their next month's membership.

If you have trouble signing up here, you may instead send Vanessa an email (at twinfreaks at twinfreakscrossfit dot com ) with your name, date of birth, and brief athletic history - and of course which class at which time you are interested in.  Please note classes are capped to give you quality coaching.