Start Here!

How to get Started?

CrossFit is not just new kind of aerobics class or fitness marketing gimmick.  CrossFit uses classic athletic training to make you into the athlete you've always wanted to be.  Therefore there are things to learn and preparations to make. 

Try it out!  To really get a good idea about CrossFit you need to experience it.  Sign up here for a free Intro to CrossFit class; or call, email, or stop by during class to schedule a time that works for you.  This class is usually one on one or a small group - the coach will tailor the workout to your fitness and skill level - something that can't be done by dropping into a busy class full of experienced athletes.

After that, sign up for On-Ramp beginner's class, take private lessons, or test out of On-Ramp if you already know the Olympic Lifts and CrossFit gymnastic skills.  Once you have the nessessary skills, ask Coach Vanessa to sign you up for a CrossFit membership!