What to Eat:

The basics.  Eat fresh real food!  Eat meat and vegetables; don't be afraid of good-old fashioned fats. Eat some starch if you are sprinting or doing CrossFit.   Wean yourself off of "white food" like sugar and flour.  Learn to cook.

Check our these sites for more info or buy one of the increasing number of fabulous Paleo cookbooks with luscious photos of yummy recipes.

Robb Wolf - basic real food nutrition.  Search the archives to find the answer to any specific health question. What is a Paleo diet anyway? Quick Start Guide.

Mark's Daily Apple - Primal Blueprint

The Paleo Template What is your perfect diet?

Here is a quick list of what to do -- go down this list as you refine your diet -- Archevore Diet .  Read Paleo 2.0 if you want some food for thought.  Dig into some science - why one doctor likes an archaic diet but doesn't like to call it Paleo.  There are many technical manifestos and thought-provoking essays on this site, check out Smoking Candy Cigarettes.

Where to get it:

We've gotten old-fashioned meat from the Windsor Dairy and also from LargaVista Ranch south of Colorado Springs.  All good.  And much cheaper than at Whole Paycheck.

We really like Natural Homestead Beef or Silva's Highlands for beef or pork.  They are local and you have to meet them at the farmer's market go pick up.  Westword Award 303-818-6564

Another grass-fed beef and pastured-pork producer 5280 Beef just emailed me.  If you know anything about them, let me know.

Sun Prairie Beef - 00% grass fed beef.  They ship in 10 lb and 25 lb boxes.  They welcome calls to talk cattle, land, beef, water... etc.   The place sounds legit - try them out and tell me what you think.

U.S. Wellness Meats ships all over the country.  They have duck fat, odd bits like heart and knuckle, jerky, and pemmican.

1/4 Beef, Pastured
HoneyAcre's has beef and hothouse tomatoes come summer.  Yum!

Windsor Dairy has raw milk, the preferred kind if you have to have milk, and also certified organic grass-fed beef and other meat.

Jodar Farms has a poultry CSA and also sells at the farmers markets. They have great eggs, too, and chicken legs for soup.

Post your food contacts to comments, please!

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