Paul Jardin founded the gym, Twin Freak CrossFit health studio. He was a former sportsperson and that’s why he ingrained in our minds to be focused on health and fitness. Paul has a long and successful history in the field of the health and wellness industry. He has been in the business for more than a decade and helped thousands of people accomplishing their health-related goals. When he first opened the gym, it was roaring and was followed swiftly by other cities. Within the shortest span, he opened many gyms and never looked back. The gym completed the initial public offering last year and continues to make the country proud of their bodies. Following the success of the gyms, many investors intend to invest in our health club however, we are more into expanding the services and giving people tailored services to their needs and long-term health objectives.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have been awarded the top accolades and continuous appreciation from the clients. The trainers and management work tirelessly day and night to help people gain fitness-related goals. The certified trainers have gained all the required knowledge and experience for transforming your dreams into realities. They make sure to craft a custom workout plan, lifestyle, and diet so you can achieve your goals. All your progress is measured and monitored in an app, and you will be allowed to check-ins once in a week to get an insight into what you have gained to date. We are more into building customer service relationships in the gyms and appreciate the customers for making us what we are today. The gym was also recognized as the fastest gym in the history of the UK and ranked number 3 in the prestigious institute.

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