Cardio Fitness Classes

Twin Freaks CrossFit offers advanced Cardio fitness classes for members who want to be pushed and challenged by an athlete-based cardio workout for developing core strength & cardio conditioning. Join us, and we bring the exercises that are intensive enough to raise the heart rate and keep it pumping at a faster pace.

Why Do We Necessitate on Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise has numerous health benefits from burning calories and lowering body fat to strengthen the heart and lung’s muscles. Your heart is the most critical of your body, and you should think it that way! Investing in cardio classes is like investing in your life!

What Do We offer

Here is the kind of cardio classes offered by  Workout by Twin Freaks Cross Fit. Each kind may be associated with thousands of benefits.

The most basic class is where members do high energy workouts inspired by some energy-releasing dance moves, including Latin, Salsa, Hip Hop party and more. Whereas we have Zumba training where we offer special Zumba moves along with calorie-burning training exercises.


Cardio Boot Camp

A cardio workout plans exclusively for members who intend to be challenged and pushed. The class possesses numerous benefits, especially for developing core strength and cardio conditioning.

Cardio Kickboxing

It has a medium to high-intensity cardio workout emphasizing more on punches, kicks and cardio intervals. This class works fabulously well for people who want an ideal format for a fast and wick fat burning program.